Our Advantages

An important object of cutting instruments industrial production is improvement of the technical level and competitiveness of the products by way of increasing their reliability, durability and service life.

One of the main trends of the instruments operational characteristics improvement is improvement of the existing and creation of new high-performance methods of high-quality covering, as the indexes of covering and surface layer quality mostly determine operational and consumer value of the product.

1. Hard alloyed dental cutters with diffusion protective coating

Diffusion protective

Plasma-chemical technology of diffusion coatings has been implemented in production due to the collaboration with Kazan State Technological University.

The strengthening is achieved through change of the chemical composition of the surface layer by processing of cutters in disbalance low-temperature plasma of high-frequency capacitive rank. As a result of such processing, nano-phase surface layers out of metastable cobalt carbide are formed, and consequently:

  • the micro hardness of the strengthened layer comprises 25,5 GPa and remains constant at the depth of 200 mkm, at the depth of 250 mkm 20.5GPa, in the centre of the cutter it comprises 16GPa.
  • as cobalt carbide has better binding properties in comparison with cobalt, its surface hardness is increased.
  • the work areas of strengthened cutters become blue.

The strengthened cutters have a greater surface resistance and work area hardness, which increases their wearing capacity and service life in 1.5-2 times.

2. Soldered cutters

Inner soldering

Now for binding of the shank end and the work part of the cutter, inner soldering is used when the shank end is immersed into the head. Such binding is safer because the area of soldered surfaces is increased. The probability of failure of such a binding is very small. In case of destruction of such binding in the process of operating the cutter, the forward speed of the torn-away head is suppressed by its inertial rotational movements in the shrank end, which results in less traumatic consequences.

The advantages of such a compound are the following:

  • connection;
  • safe operation.